About Us

   We are an M&A solutions and strategic advisory firm headquartered in Zurich.  We are committed to delivering maximum value by providing personalized solutions for unique needs of our clients in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment.

   We are a group of experienced and practical professionals who have held numerous executive positions in leading Russian and international companies. Our key strengths are built upon a constant search for gaps and differentiated angles in the competitive marketplace where we find unique opportunities and creative solutions for our clients.

   We understand our clients’ needs, we can read “between the lines”, and we respect their privacy and confidentiality. All our projects start and end with trust and integrity that is necessary to manage cross border projects in any location of the world, while engaging any resources necessary to complete the project.

   We understand attractiveness and risks of investments in key economic sectors of countries of the former Soviet Union, including Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belorussia and Baltic States. Our knowledge and networks allow us to stay abreast of constantly changing laws and regulations, giving us tools to mitigate political and business risks for our clients.

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